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Flowcharts icons: Start, End, Process Step, Input, Output, Decision
from deck Flow Chart Template for Process and Algorithm with Creative Infographics

Outline Flowcharts Icons

Slide Content:

The slide is a compilation of stylized outline icons for use in flowcharts, signifying various stages and actions within a process. Icons include 'Start/End', 'Process Step', 'Input/Output', 'Decision', 'Document', 'Many Documents', 'Predefined Process', 'Delay', 'Yes/No', 'Display', 'Shopping Cart', and 'Payment'. Each icon is designed to visually communicate a specific function or step in a process, such as beginning or ending a sequence, making a decision, handling documents, pausing for a delay, and more.

Graphical Look:

  • The icons are outlined in a light color, creating a subtle and clean appearance against a white background.
  • 'Start/End' is represented by two symmetrical megaphones facing opposite directions in purple.
  • 'Process Step' is shown as two linked orange ovals, and 'Input/Output' as two green arrows pointing in opposite directions.
  • 'Decision' is depicted by a blue diamond shape, while 'Document' and 'Many Documents' are shown as a teal page and a stack of pages, respectively.
  • A gray square with rounded corners and an inner arrow symbolizes the 'Predefined Process', and a gray hourglass represents 'Delay'.
  • 'Yes/No' is illustrated with a thumbs-up and thumbs-down icon, 'Display' with a monitor screen, 'Shopping Cart' with a cart outline, and 'Payment' with a calculator.
  • The shapes are simple and geometric, with clean lines and no additional embellishments.

The slide has a modern and minimalist aesthetic, using a muted color palette and simple geometric outlines to represent different flowchart elements clearly and effectively.

Use Cases:

  • As part of a training presentation for new employees learning about business process mapping.
  • In a project management meeting to agree on visual standards for documenting workflows.
  • Within a software development documentation guide to illustrate system architecture or user flows.
  • For a business analyst's toolkit when creating process diagrams for improvement proposals.

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