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Flat Flowcharts Icons

Slide Content:

The slide displays a collection of flat design icons used in flowcharts, which include 'Start/End', 'Process Step', 'Input/Output', 'Decision', 'Document', 'Many Documents', 'Predefined Process', 'Delay', 'Yes/No', 'Display', 'Shopping Cart', and 'Payment'. Each icon is paired with a label that describes its function within a flowchart, such as indicating the beginning or end of a process, a step in the process, a point where a decision must be made, documents involved, and other operational or decision-making elements.

Graphical Look:

  • The icons are simple, with a flat design and no gradients or shadows, emphasizing clarity and readability.
  • A diverse color palette is used: purples, oranges, greens, blues, and grays.
  • The 'Start/End' icons are represented by two purple megaphones facing opposite directions.
  • 'Process Step' is depicted with two orange exclamation marks, 'Input/Output' with green arrows, and 'Decision' with a blue plus sign.
  • 'Document' and 'Many Documents' are represented by single and stacked teal paper icons, respectively.
  • The 'Predefined Process' is a pair of gray rectangles, and 'Delay' is shown as a clock.
  • 'Yes/No' is illustrated by a green checkmark and red cross, 'Display' by a blue computer screen, 'Shopping Cart' by a gray cart, and 'Payment' by a calculator.

The slide is clean and organized, with a straightforward presentation of symbols. Each icon is distinct and recognizable, facilitating a quick understanding of their roles in a flowchart.

Use Cases:

  • To educate team members on standard flowchart symbols during a training session.
  • As a reference in documentation for software development or process engineering.
  • Within a slide deck for a project kickoff meeting to establish common visual language.
  • As part of an instructional guide for business analysis or operations management.

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