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Light outline flowcharts index: Decision, Documents, Delay, etc.
from deck Flow Chart Template for Process and Algorithm with Creative Infographics

Outline Flowcharts Shapes Index

Slide Content:

The slide is a visual index of various shapes used in flowcharts, depicted in an outline style. It includes 'Start/End', 'Process step', 'Input/Output', 'Decision', 'Document', 'Many Documents', 'Predefined Process', and 'Delay', each represented by a distinctive shape. Also featured are 'Connector Arrows', 'Display', and 'Off-page Connector', which facilitate the depiction of process flow and ancillary information. These elements serve as the building blocks for creating flowcharts that map out processes, decisions, and document flows in an organized manner.

Graphical Look:

  • The shapes are outlined with a thin stroke, and some have a dashed line style.
  • The 'Start/End' shape is an oval, the 'Process step' is a rectangle, and the 'Decision' is a diamond, all standard flowchart symbols.
  • 'Document' icons include a single page and a stack of pages to represent multiple documents.
  • The 'Predefined Process' is a rectangle with double stripes, and 'Delay' is an elongated rounded rectangle.
  • 'Connector Arrows' are depicted with a line and arrowhead, and 'Display' is a rectangle with a stand, resembling a monitor.
  • The 'Off-page Connector' is shown as a circle with a hollow center, indicating continuation elsewhere.
  • Colors vary among purple, yellow, teal, and gray, providing visual distinction.

The slide features a clean and organized display of flowchart symbols, each with a simple outline design. The color coding and varied line styles help differentiate between the types of flowchart elements.

Use Cases:

  • For training materials on process mapping and flowchart creation.
  • Within documentation guidelines to establish standard symbols for organizational procedures.
  • In a business analysis presentation to discuss process improvement or workflow design.
  • As a reference in project management workshops to teach about visual process representation.

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