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Flowchart Recruitment Process Example Slide with Dark Background
from deck Flow Chart Template for Process and Algorithm with Creative Infographics

We have created this flowchart recruitment process example slide, to help you visualize the hiring process. The first step should be selecting criteria or a job description. Then advertising, retrieving applications, and considering the applications from potential candidates A, B, or C. As a next step follows the selection process between these candidates, by asking the question - which one is suitable for the job? The disqualified candidates would receive a "thank you" email, while the narrow-selected ones would be invited to an interview. After the interview, we would be offering the job to the candidate that meets the criteria. This slide is part of the Flowchart Template PowerPoint collection.

Slide Infographic description:

Hand-Drawn Flowchart Diagram, Dark Theme Background, Scribble Icon, Flat Hand-Drawn Letter Icon, Arrow Line Vector, Hand-Drawn Text Blocks, Checkmark Scribble Icon, Cross Icon, Hand-Drawn People Shaking Hands Icon

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