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Outline flowchart on the dark background
from deck Flow Chart Template for Process and Algorithm with Creative Infographics

Outline Flowchart: Order Process Example

Slide Content:

The slide presents an order process flowchart for a shopping system, beginning with 'Start' and ending with 'End'. The process involves several steps such as 'Checkout', interacting with the 'Shopping Cart', and a decision point asking if the user is 'Logged in?'. If not, the process directs to 'Login or enter personal data'. Then it moves to 'Order payment', with a decision diamond questioning 'Successful payment?'. If successful, it proceeds to 'Delivery'; if not, presumably, it ends the transaction. Each step is a visual representation of a typical e-commerce transaction process.

Graphical Look:

  • The slide background is dark, with a navy blue tone.
  • Flowchart shapes include rectangles with dashed outlines, diamonds, and arrows, all in a neon outline style.
  • Icons include a shopping cart, a check mark, and a calculator, all following the outline aesthetic.
  • The colors of the flowchart elements are bright neon blue and yellow, creating a high contrast with the dark background.
  • The flowchart is neatly organized from left to right, indicating the process flow.

The slide has a modern and sleek design with a tech-inspired neon color scheme that stands out against the dark background. The clear and logical layout of the flowchart provides an easy-to-follow visual guide for the order process.

Use Cases:

  • In a business presentation to explain the online order process to new employees.
  • During a project meeting to discuss and refine the e-commerce transaction flow.
  • In a sales strategy session to demonstrate the customer journey from selection to delivery.
  • As a part of a user experience (UX) design presentation, outlining the steps a user takes to complete a purchase online.

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