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Product life cycle shown with plane route, icons and description
from deck Plane Flight Timeline Diagrams (PPT Template)

Product Life Cycle as Plane Flight Curve

Slide Content

The slide presents the concept of the Product Life Cycle using the metaphor of a plane flight curve, dividing the cycle into four stages: Introduction, Growth, Maturity, and Decline. The 'Introduction' phase features a relative high price, selective distribution, and promotion focused on informing. The 'Growth' stage involves an adaptive price, intensive distribution, and persuasive promotion. 'Maturity' is characterized by an adaptive price, intensive distribution again, but this time with reminder-focused promotion. Lastly, the 'Decline' stage shows a shift to discount pricing, limited distribution, and promotion driven by sales promotion strategies.

Graphical Look

  • The slide title "Product Life Cycle as Plane Flight Curve" is prominently displayed at the top in large, bold font.
  • A dotted line simulating a flight path runs across the slide, connecting four stages represented by icons within different shapes.
  • The 'Introduction' stage has a blue square with a person icon, denoting the start of the product's journey.
  • The 'Growth' phase shows an orange hexagon with an upward trend graph icon, indicating progress and improvement.
  • The 'Maturity' phase is depicted with a green circle and a globe icon, suggesting a significant presence or dominance in the market.
  • The 'Decline' phase is represented by a purple diamond with a downward trend graph icon, signifying a reduction or loss.
  • Each stage icon is connected by the flight path, with a small plane icon indicating motion along the curve.
  • Text boxes with information corresponding to each phase (price, distribution, and promotion) appear aligned with their respective icons and stages.

The overall look of the slide is professional, with a clear visual metaphor for the stages of a product's market life. The use of icons and differentiated shapes for each stage creates a visually appealing and informative layout.

Use Cases

  • Presenting marketing strategies across different stages of a product 's life cycle in a business meeting.
  • Training new employees on product management and the market evolution process.
  • Explaining to stakeholders the various marketing approaches needed during a product's lifespan.
  • Use in a sales pitch to investors or upper management to illustrate the future planning for a new product launch.

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