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Flat Ribbon List in color for placing 12 items in 2 columns
from deck Infographics Ribbons Lists Diagrams (flat PPT Diagrams)

List Title

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "List Title" features two mirrored sections, each with a central heading and an array of colored rectangular bars, suggesting an organized bullet-point structure for presenting parallel processes, comparisons, or related ideas. Each color-coded bar includes a placeholder text "Your text here," designed for customization to articulate specific items of discussion. This setup supports clarity in presentations where similar categories or steps need to be addressed side-by-side.

Graphical Look

  • Two large, bold headers positioned at the top of each section with a dark background and white text.
  • A series of multicolored rectangular shapes arranged vertically, alternating in orientation, with a lighter color text box for input.
  • Directional arrows connect the headers to the corresponding rectangular shapes, forming a visual pathway.
  • Each rectangular shape is associated with a contrasting smaller rectangle and an arrowhead, implying a sense of flow or progression.
  • The color scheme varies from blues and greens to purples and oranges, providing visual distinction between different items in the list.
  • Overall, the slide uses a flat design aesthetic, with no gradients or shadows, for a modern and clean appearance.

The slide is visually balanced with its symmetrical arrangement of elements, creating a paired comparison layout. The color-coding and directional cues guide the viewer's attention through each list point methodically.

Use Cases

  • Presenting two sets of related points, such as advantages and disadvantages, or a before-and-after scenario.
  • Comparing two different strategies, products, or plans based on various criteria.
  • Showcasing parallel workstreams in project management, with each color representing a specific phase or activity.
  • Demonstrating steps in two concurrent processes in training or educational materials, where learners can compare pathways.

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