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Flat icons set: webpage, social media, online shopping, web windowempathy
from deck Customer Experience Journey Diagrams (PPT Template)

Flat Style Icons Set — Marketing and Sales

Slide Content

The slide is a showcase of a set of flat style icons related to marketing and sales. These icons represent various concepts including web pages, social media, online shopping, web windows, shopping carts, sales, products, maps, journeys, email ('online' icon), newsletters, paper planes symbolizing communication or messaging, financial transactions, cashback services, return policies, navigation or decision-making (arrow back), sharing content, smartphones for mobile marketing or commerce, puzzles indicating problem-solving, solutions, advertising strategies, and megaphones for public announcements or promotions. Each icon serves as a visual representation of these common business and marketing elements.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a dark grey background with a gradient turquoise banner across the top.
  • The title "Flat Style Icons Set — Marketing and Sales" is displayed at the top in white sans-serif text.
  • A collection of 12 grey icons is arranged in a grid format, three across and four down.
  • Each icon represents a marketing or sales concept, executed in a minimalist flat design style.
  • Icons include a website page, shopping cart, web coding window, map with location pins, email symbol, paper plane, currency bill, return arrow, mobile phone, puzzle piece, and a megaphone.
  • At the bottom right of the slide, one icon (paper plane) is highlighted with a turquoise circle and three smaller versions in different colors (white, orange, green).
  • A rectangular speech bubble at the bottom of the slide invites the viewer to check the website for more icons.

The slide is clean and modern in appearance, with the icons being the central focus. The use of a consistent color palette and flat iconography gives the slide a professional and cohesive look.

Use Cases

  • To visually enhance presentations about digital marketing strategies and tools.
  • As part of an educational session to introduce marketing and sales concepts to trainees or new hires.
  • To beautify reports and proposals with relevant visual aids that align with the text content.
  • In pitch decks for startups and companies to explain their market presence and sales channels.

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