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Flat Icons Set: cycle, money, lock, security, decoration, safety
from deck Shutter Graphic & Circle Segment Diagrams (PPT Template)

Flat Icons Set

Slide Content

The slide presents a collection of various conceptual icons, each symbolizing a different idea or function: Cycle denotes repetition or process continuity; Money Circulation refers to financial transactions or economy; Lock represents security or privacy; Security implies protection or safety measures; Decoration suggests aesthetic enhancement; Prize indicates achievement or reward; Safety symbolizes protection measures; Umbrella may denote weather protection or broader coverage; Medicine Pill signifies healthcare or treatment; Speech Bubble stands for communication or dialogue; Paper Plane could imply sending a message or lightweight travel; Tower might represent architecture or strategic vantage points; Strategy stands for planning or tactical approaches; Diamond suggests value or luxury; Coffee Break denotes leisure or a brief respite in work.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a dark teal header with the title “Flat Icons Set” in white text and the subtitle listed in smaller white text.
  • The upper right corner features the phrase “Fully editable icons” in white bold text on a teal background.
  • A series of 12 flat, stylized icons is evenly distributed in three rows and four columns across the slide.
  • Icons are depicted in a neutral grey against a white background, suggesting versatility and subtleness.
  • The icons include graphical representations of common concepts: a circular arrow, bag with a dollar sign, padlock, gear with a ribbon, umbrella, pill capsule, speech bubble, paper plane, chess rook, diamond shape, and a cup emitting steam.
  • The bottom of the slide has a decorative teal banner with a larger speech bubble icon, circled and highlighted in teal to presumably indicate emphasis or selection.
  • Beneath the banner, there's a prompt for "More icons available. Check our website" with a web address, intended as a call to action.

The slide is minimalist and modern, with a clean aesthetic that emphasizes the icons' universal symbolism. The colors are limited to grey, white, teal, and dark teal, providing a professional and polished appearance .

Use Cases

  • To enhance visual communication in business presentations by associating key points with easy-to-understand icons.
  • As part of a user interface design or user experience presentation to showcase icon options for digital products.
  • In marketing materials to represent different features or benefits of a product or service clearly and attractively.
  • Within educational settings for both print and digital materials, where icons can aid in explaining concepts to students simply and effectively.

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