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Example of flat icons editability
from deck Creative & Simple Mind Map Diagrams (PPT Template)

Editability of Flat Icons

Slide Content

The slide asserts the editability of flat icons, focusing on the ability to change an icon's color by altering the "Filling color," and emphasizes that this feature allows flat icons to be adaptable to dark backgrounds. The example shows a brain icon changing from blue to green, illustrating the color-changing capability. Additionally, the adaptability of these icons to different background colors, particularly dark ones, is visually represented by white and orange icons on a dark background, showing contrast and visibility.

Graphical Look

  • Two sets of icons showing a brain, where each set contains two versions of the brain with a different color scheme.
  • The first set is at the top with a light background; it has a blue brain icon transforming into a green one, indicated by an arrow.
  • The second set is at the bottom with a dark background, contrasting the white and orange versions of the brain icon.
  • A light grey chevron pattern is visible to the left of the icons, creating visual separation and guiding the eye across the slide.
  • Text explaining the features is aligned with the respective icon sets: the color change above and the dark background below.
  • The slide uses a clean, flat design with sans-serif fonts for text, ensuring readability and a modern look.

The overall visual composition is simple and straightforward, effectively conveying the concept of customizable icon colors through contrasting elements. The light and dark backgrounds serve to illustrate the icons' versatility in various design situations.

Use Cases

  • Presenting design guidelines for branding materials where consistent iconography is necessary across different colored backgrounds.
  • Explaining the benefits of using flat icons in user interface design for apps and websites.
  • Demonstrating the versatility of graphic elements in company presentations, emphasizing how they can be adapted to fit various color schemes and themes.
  • Including in instructional content for design software training, illustrating the process of icon color customization.

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