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Slide Content

The slide depicts a "Flat 5 Level Funnel" concept used to outline a process or workflow with five distinct stages. Each level is represented by a horizontal colored bar, with the topmost bar labeled "Project 1" followed by "Level 1" through "Level 5." To the right of the funnel are placeholders for text corresponding to each level, providing a space to include descriptions or explanations related to each stage of the funnel.

Graphical Look

  • The slide title "FLAT 5 LEVEL FUNNEL" is at the top center in bold uppercase font.
  • A multicolored funnel graphic is situated on the left, composed of five horizontal bars, each a different color (from top to bottom: teal, green, purple, orange, and gray).
  • Each bar on the funnel has a label corresponding to the level in the process; "Project 1" through "Level 5."
  • There are five text boxes on the right, aligned with each funnel bar. They contain placeholder text "Your sample text" hinting where descriptions should be added.
  • Lines connect each funnel level to the respective text box, suggesting a relationship between each stage and its explanation.

The overall visual presentation is clean and structured, utilizing color-coding and alignment to create a clear mapping between each level of the funnel and its description. The funnel graphic serves as a metaphorical representation of a filtering or process flow concept.

Use Cases

  • Presenting stages in a sales or marketing funnel, outlining customer journey from awareness to conversion.
  • Describing various phases of a project, from initiation to completion.
  • Illustrating a filtering process in a data analysis presentation, showing how data is refined through different criteria.
  • Demonstrating steps in a multi-stage decision-making process during strategy meetings or training sessions.

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