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Incoming Stream

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Incoming Stream" likely discusses the process or stages involved in a funnel system, using icons and text to represent different phases or elements of the stream. Within the funnel graphic, there are four icons—a person, light bulb, cloud, and laptop—each followed by space for additional text. This indicates the funnel consists of stages related to people (such as customers or users), ideas or insights, cloud services or data, and digital or computer-related processes or tasks.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a large title "FLAT FUNNEL SHAPE" at the top in dark gray capital letters.
  • Below the title, the main feature is a funnel shape with a wide dark purple band at the top, labeled "Incoming Stream" in white letters.
  • Inside the funnel, there are four circular icons in a teal color, each representing people, ideas, cloud computing, and a laptop respectively.
  • To the right of the funnel, there are matching icons in a darker purple with a space next to each for "Your sample text."
  • Each icon next to the sample text appears within a circle that is connected to a square with slightly rounded corners.
  • The color palette is composed of purple, teal, and white, which provides a contrast that makes the slide elements stand out.
  • The slide background is a plain light gray.

The slide presents a modern and clean design, with a simple yet effective use of shape and color to guide the viewer's attention. The use of icons in correlation with the text provides a quick understanding of each stage of the process.

Use Cases

  • Presenting the stages of a sales or marketing funnel during a business strategy meeting.
  • Explaining the customer journey or lead qualification process in a training session for sales staff.
  • Illustrating the workflow in a project management presentation, detailing different stages and responsibilities.
  • Discussing data processing steps in a technology or information systems seminar to visualize how data is gathered and utilized throughout an organization.

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