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Five stages process roadmap with gear mechanics graphics
from deck Outline Diagrams - Ultimate Deck for Visual Presentations (PPT graphics)

5 Stages Process Roadmap with Gear Mechanics Graphics

Slide Content

The slide depicts a five-stage process flow outlined with gear elements which are numbered 1 to 5. Each gear appears to represent a step in a sequence, with space for text to describe the details of each step. The gears are interconnected, signifying that the stages are part of a collaborative mechanism, likely emphasizing that each step is integral to the process and that they work together like gears in a machine.

Graphical Look

  • Two main colors are used for the gears (blue and green), along with yellow and purple for numerical highlights.
  • There are five large gear graphics, arranged horizontally across the slide; each gear graphic holds a number in its center and a text box adjacent to it.
  • Number highlighting creates a visual contrast, with numbers 1-5 designed in a bold font within colored circles on the gears.
  • Text boxes for each stage are aligned with their respective gears, providing a structured layout for content insertion.
  • The gears are simplified illustrations, not detailed mechanical representations, without extraneous details, allowing the focus to remain on the stages and text.
  • Uniformly colored lines above each text box echo the line used for the slide title; these serve as design elements and segment headers.

The slide features a clean design with vibrant colors that stand out against the white background, making the information easily digestible. The visual hierarchy is well-maintained, with the gears arranged to guide the viewer's eye across the process flow from left to right.

Use Cases

  • To outline the steps of a project or initiative in a business presentation.
  • For illustrating how different departments or teams contribute to a workflow.
  • To visually break down the phases of product development or market entry strategy.
  • As a training tool to explain complex processes in a simplified and engaging manner.

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