Error Reduction Improvement Slide Diagram
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Error Reduction Improvement slide content

This slide shows a process of error reduction improvement, going from a high rate of errors to no errors.
- Revisions incorrect – release tag, human error - Missing signature – scattered throughout the paper
- Test data incorrect – lack of consistent format, a transposition error - Missing labels – high number of manually applied labels, lack of tools to verify correct placement - Serial number error – transposition error, redundant data entry - Checkbox missed – overuse of checkboxes, N/A all open spaces You can use this slide to explain your strategy for reducing errors in an easier-to-understand way and to leave an impact on your audience. All the graphics are editable, so you can customize the shapes without losing any quality. Video editing instructions are included if you have no experience with PPT editing. The presentation can be downloaded in Google Slides or Keynote. Click on the picture to see more fishbone diagram slide ideas.

Error Reduction Improvement slide infographics

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