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Types of aquatic organisms

Slide Content

The slide presents three classifications for aquatic organisms, specifically highlighting types of fish and crustaceans. The three categories include Fish/Tuna, which generally refers to various species of fish with Tuna being a prominent example; Crustaceans - Shrimp, addressing small marine creatures with a shell and often antennae; and Crustaceans - Crab, which represents shelled marine creatures with a stalked eye and typically a broad carapace.

Graphical Look

  • Three stylized icons representing aquatic animals are aligned horizontally at the top of the slide.
  • Each icon is associated with a label below it: "Fish / Tuna," "Crustaceans - Shrimp," and "Crustaceans - Crab."
  • The icons and text are colored in gradient green shades, creating a thematic feel related to aquatic life.
  • There is a section labeled "Dark backgrounds versions" showcasing the icons on a dark green background, and another labeled "Natural color versions" showing the icons in more naturalistic colors.
  • Each set of alternative color versions includes three icons: a fish, a shrimp, and a crab, corresponding to the colored icons above.

The slide employs a clean design with ample spacing between elements, maintaining focus on the icons and their labels. The color choices suggest a marine theme, corresponding with the content of the slide.

Use Cases

  • A biology or environmental science presentation explaining different types of marine life.
  • An informational brochure or display at an aquarium or marine conservation exhibit.
  • A seafood company's marketing materials to educate customers on the kinds of seafood they offer.
  • A teaching tool for educational purposes, particularly in illustrating marine biodiversity.

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