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Firmographic B2B Segmentation Method
from deck B2B Customer Segmentation Models Presentation (PPT Template)

Firmographic B2B Segmentation Method

Slide Content

The slide presents a firmographic B2B segmentation strategy, focusing on industry type, geographic location, company size, and annual revenue. "Industry Type" shows a horizontal bar chart with percentages: Automotive has 52%, Retail has 31%, Hospitality is at 12%, and Other at 5%. "Company Size" is represented with a pie chart indicating Small (60%), Medium (30%), and Big (10%). "Geographic Location" is depicted on a world map with pie charts over continents: Americas (40%), Europe (30%), Asia-Pacific (25%), and Other (5%). "Annual Revenue" uses a horizontal bar chart with ranges: ≤ $XXUSD (20%), $XX-XX USD (25%), $XX-XX USD (40%), and ≥ $XX USD (15%). A "Summary" text box prompts to add a descriptive text.

Graphical Look

  • A bold title "Firmographic B2B Segmentation Method" is centered at the top of the slide in large, dark text.
  • Four colored content boxes, each with a unique icon at the top left corner to represent the category: a monitor for "Industry Type," two figures for "Company Size," a globe for "Geographic Location," and a dollar sign in a circle for "Annual Revenue."
  • The "Industry Type" section includes a horizontal bar chart with different lengths and a percentage for each industry.
  • "Company Size" is illustrated with a segmented circular pie chart with three distinct colors for different company sizes.
  • The "Geographic Location" is shown with a world map in a muted color, with three pie charts positioned over the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions, each with a different percentage indicated.
  • "Annual Revenue" showcases a simple bar chart where each bar corresponds to a specific revenue range labeled underneath.
  • A yellow rectangular "Summary" box is positioned at the bottom with ### Use Cases

  • To present market segmentation data in a business strategy meeting.

  • For marketing teams to visualize target demographics during a campaign planning session.
  • As part of a sales presentation to highlight potential customer segments based on firmographics.
  • In an investor pitch to showcase the company's understanding of its market and revenue distribution across different segments.

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