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Customer Relationship Management

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide presents an overview of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) by dividing it into four interrelated components: "Marketing," "Sales," "Support," and "Orders." "Marketing" involves generating prospects, running campaigns, and researching market and customers. The "Sales" process includes the identification and filtration of prospects or leads, with the ultimate goal of converting them into customers. "Support" is focused on providing customer support and collecting feedback to enhance service. Finally, "Orders" involves delivering the product and handling order accountancy (invoicing), which is vital for transaction completion and revenue recognition.

Graphical Look

  • The title "Customer Relationship Management" is placed at the top in bold, white font, within a navy blue header bar.
  • A large central graphic labeled "CRM" is situated in the middle of the slide, representing the core subject.
  • Around the central graphic are four colorful segments arranged in a circular flow, each representing a different aspect of CRM: "Marketing" (yellow), "Sales" (red), "Support" (blue), and "Orders" (green).
  • Each segment contains a representative icon: a bullhorn for Marketing, a handshake for Sales, a headset for Support, and a shopping cart for Orders.
  • A short list of associated tasks or functions is noted within each segment to further illustrate the component's role in CRM.
  • The slide employs a dark blue background with lighter blue shapes and patterns extending from the bottom left corner, suggesting dynamism and flow.

The visual composition of the slide is modern and colorful, with a clear focus on the central concept of CRM. The use of distinct colors and descriptive icons helps to effectively differentiate between the facets of customer relationship management.

Use Cases

  • Explaining the concept of CRM in corporate training sessions or educational environments.
  • Providing a high-level overview of CRM processes during a company-wide meeting.
  • Outlining the roles and responsibilities of different departments in a CRM strategy presentation to employees or stakeholders.
  • Serving as a starting point for discussions on improving interdepartmental coordination and customer engagement strategies.

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