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Financial Table, Costs Distribution

Slide Content

The slide shows a financial table that outlines cost distribution across five columns, labeled with cost descriptions, fees, discounts in percentages and dollars, and a sub-total for each item. There are five rows for different cost items, each detailed with header texts (1-5), with an additional row at the bottom displaying the total. For instance, "Header text 1" indicates a daily fee of $100 with a 10% discount, leading to a sub-total of $90, and "Header text 4" reflects a fee of $1,000 with no applicable discounts, totaling the same amount. The table is designed to present a clear summary of fees and discounts applied to various costs, culminating in a grand total.

Graphical Look

  • The title of the slide is in a large, bold font centered at the top.
  • There's a colorful header row with icons representing cost, fee, discount percentage, discount in dollars, and sub-total.
  • Rows of the table alternate in shading between light gray and white for visual distinction.
  • Each cell in the header row has a distinct background color and a centered icon relevant to the column's content.
  • The cost description column has document icons, fee column shows currency icons, discount percentage has icons featuring a percentage sign, and the sub-total features summation icons.
  • A text placeholder with a circular icon is situated to the right for summarizing table content.
  • A thick blue horizontal line defines the bottom border of the slide, adding to the overall design.
  • The total row is emphasized with bolder, larger font and a green-colored highlight at the grand total.

The slide uses a mix of colors, icons, and alternating row shadings to create an easy-to-follow financial overview. Textual information is supported by visual cues that make the content more engaging and accessible.

Use Cases

  • Presenting a financial breakdown during budget meetings to outline expenses and discounts.
  • Illustrating cost structure and individual item costs in project proposals or business plans.
  • Summarizing expenses and savings for stakeholders in financial reports.
  • Demonstrating pricing strategies and the impact of discounts on total costs for sales presentations.

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