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People Scribble Icons Set

Slide Content

The slide titled "People Scribble Icons Set" displays a collection of hand-drawn, stick figure-like icons representing various business and communication concepts such as talking, speech, processes, a person or presenter, and time. Each icon consists of a human figure interacting with different objects, like a speech bubble which indicates communication, gears representing processes or workflow, a whiteboard for presentations, and a clock for time management. These visual elements are intended to represent activities and concepts in a simplified and universally comprehensible manner.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is plain white with a dark turquoise header containing the text "Fully editable icons."
  • A collection of eight unique icons is evenly distributed across the slide.
  • The icons feature stick figures drawn in a scribble style, with details highlighted in orange and gray.
  • Each stick figure is accompanied by different objects such as a speech bubble, gears, a whiteboard, and a clock, also in scribble style.
  • There is a highlighted circular icon placed at the bottom right with a figure presenting at a whiteboard.
  • The icons are colored in a consistent palette of warm orange, cool gray, and white for contrast.
  • The overall design is simple and deliberately minimalist, with an emphasis on the icons standing out against the white background.

The slide has a clean and minimalistic design, with vibrant but limited colors that draw attention to the icons. The hand-drawn style gives the presentation a casual and creative feel.

Use Cases

  • Emphasizing communication skills or dialogue in a team or during a meeting.
  • Illustrating steps in a business process or workflow during a training or informational session.
  • Highlighting presentation and public speaking skills in personal development courses.
  • Representing time management or scheduling in project planning discussions.

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