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Editability of Scribble Icons

Slide Content

The slide titled "Editability of Scribble Icons" presents the customization options available for a set of drawn icon figures, highlighting their versatility for presentations. It outlines three main features: "Change colors by changing Filling color," illustrated by figures standing next to a colored object, showing a before and after of color alteration; "Simple to ungroup, move or delete elements," depicted by rearranged elements of the icon; and "Can be used also on dark backgrounds," demonstrated by the icons against a dark background, emphasizing their adaptability.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean, white background with three large, horizontally placed, gray banners that contain the text descriptions.
  • Each banner has a stylized arrowhead on the left side, serving as bullet points.
  • Corresponding to each text description, there are sets of icons with a human figure represented in a scribble or sketch-like style.
  • The icons are in sequences demonstrating the changes being described - from left to right they show the initial and changed states.
  • Arrows between the icon states imply transformative action or process.
  • The bottom banner with text overlays a teal angled shape, adding visual contrast and highlighting the adaptability to different backgrounds.
  • Copyright symbols are discreetly placed at the bottom left of each icon set.

The slide uses a contrasting mix of sharp angles and scribbled, hand-drawn graphics that creates a professional yet approachable look. The transformation of icons provides a clear, visual representation of the editable features the slide is describing.

Use Cases

  • Explaining the flexibility of presentation assets to a team during a design meeting.
  • Demonstrating software features in a product demonstration or tutorial for a graphic design program.
  • Offering instructions for customizing presentation materials during a training session for content creators.
  • Presenting the advantages of using versatile icon sets in marketing materials to a group of brand managers.

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