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Feedback Training Visuals Toolbox
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How to use & edit this template

Slide Content

The slide is instructional in nature, aimed at informing the viewer on how to utilize and modify a particular PowerPoint template. The precise methods or steps for using and editing the template are not visible in the image, suggesting that the content is either a high-level overview or a title/introductory slide for a more detailed presentation.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a predominantly blue color scheme with varying shades.
  • There is a distinct ribbon or banner design across the slide.
  • The ribbon design has a folded arrow shape, giving a sense of motion or direction.
  • At the forefront, there's a text box with white-colored font.
  • The text is aligned to the left, with ample whitespace surrounding it.
  • The shapes are flat with no gradient or texture.

The slide design is contemporary and minimalistic with a professional appearance, utilizing geometry and color contrast to draw attention to the slide's title or topic.

Use Cases

  • Introducing a PowerPoint presentation to an audience and outlining the agenda.
  • Explaining to a team how to collaborate using a specific slide deck format.
  • Conducting a workshop on effective PowerPoint design and template customization.
  • Kicking off a training session on corporate branding, using the template to align presentations with brand guidelines.

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