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Crop cultivation, fruits, vegetables: facilities and tools
from deck Fruits Vegetables Crop Agriculture icons (PPT flat clipart)

Facilities and tools

Slide Content

The slide features three main icons representing different aspects of agriculture resources and equipment: Plantation/Crop farm, Machine/Tractor, and Machinery/Processing. Each icon is accompanied by a short text describing its category. The 'Plantation/Crop farm' reflects activities related to the cultivation of crops or management of a farm. 'Machine/Tractor' signifies heavy equipment used for agricultural purposes. 'Machinery/Processing' indicates tools or apparatus geared towards the processing or handling of agricultural products.

Graphical Look

  • The background color of the slide is a light neutral beige.
  • There are three main icons, each set within a square with rounded corners.
  • The first icon depicts a barn with fields, representing a plantation or crop farm.
  • The second icon shows a stylized tractor, signifying agricultural machinery.
  • The third icon combines a gear and wheat, symbolizing machinery for processing crops.
  • Each icon has a descriptive label below it in a simple, clean font.
  • The bottom section of the slide is divided into two parts, showcasing variations of the icons: dark backgrounds versions and natural color versions.

The slide utilizes a flat design aesthetic with minimalistic icons in muted, earthy colors. The layout is uncluttered and utilizes whitespace effectively to emphasize the content.

Use Cases

  • In a presentation about agricultural business operations to showcase the types of facilities and equipment used.
  • During investor briefings, to highlight the resources available for efficient farming practices.
  • In educational settings, as a visual aid to teach students about different aspects of agriculture.
  • As part of an equipment procurement proposal to demonstrate the categories of machinery and infrastructure required.

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