Expected outcome of the online meeting three points template
from deck Online Meeting Outline Slide-deck (PPT Template)

Expected Outcome of the Online Meeting 3 Points Template

Slide content:

  • Outcome 1: Increase team engagement and collaboration (means getting the team to work together more effectively and efficiently)
  • Outcome 2: Generate new ideas and solutions (means coming up with new and creative ways to solve problems)
  • Outcome 3: Make decisions and move forward (means coming to agreement on what to do and taking action)

Graphical look:

  • The slide has a simple and clean design, with a white background and black text.
  • The three outcomes are listed in a vertical column, with arrows pointing up to the next outcome.
  • The arrows create a sense of movement and progress, suggesting that the online meeting is working towards achieving its desired outcomes.
  • The overall look of the slide is professional and polished.

The slide is well-designed and effective in communicating its message. The simple and clean design makes the text easy to read and the arrows create a sense of movement and progress. The use of icons is also effective, as it helps to visually represent the key concepts of the slide.

Where to use such a slide:

This slide can be used at the beginning of an online meeting to set expectations and ensure that everyone is on the same page. It can also be used at the end of an online meeting to summarize the key outcomes and next steps.

Here are some specific examples of where you might use this slide:

  • Project kickoff meeting: Use this slide to introduce the project goals and objectives, and to outline the expected outcomes of the meeting.
  • Brainstorming session: Use this slide to remind participants of the meeting goals and to encourage them to generate new ideas and solutions.
  • Decision-making meeting: Use this slide to frame the discussion and to help participants make informed decisions.
  • Status update meeting: Use this slide to summarize the progress made on the project and to highlight the next steps.

This slide can be used in a variety of ways to help ensure that online meetings are productive and efficient. By setting clear expectations at the beginning of the meeting and summarizing the key outcomes at the end, this slide can help to keep everyone on track and focused.

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