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Flat 3 Level Funnel

Slide Content

The slide presents a "Flat 3 Level Funnel" diagram, which is typically used to illustrate a process that is filtered down through stages. "Level 1" is depicted in green, which could imply a starting phase or broadest category. "Level 2" is in purple, suggesting a progression or a narrower segment. "Level 3" is shown in blue, likely representing the final phase or most targeted subset. Next to each funnel level, there are placeholder texts implying that details or explanations corresponding to each level can be inserted.

Graphical Look

  • Three different colored funnel shapes placed vertically, representing different stages or levels
  • A header box labeled "Project 1" aligned with the top of the highest funnel
  • Horizontal lines connected to each funnel level, leading to rectangle shapes for adding text
  • An additional box with the text "Fully editable shapes" above the funnel
  • A colorful design with arrows pointing towards the text sections to indicate flow or progression
  • Simple and flat design icons without gradients or 3D effects

The slide uses a clean and minimalistic design, with a color-coded representation enhancing visual segregation of the levels. Each part of the funnel corresponds to a section of text, creating an organized flow of information.

Use Cases

  • To describe different stages within a sales or marketing funnel
  • For detailing a multi-step project management process
  • To illustrate filtering criteria in data processing
  • In presenting organizational workflows or procedures

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