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Evolution and progress indicators for webinars 
from deck Webinar Presentation of Problem-Solution (PPT template)

Flat Icons for webinars (extendable): Evaluations, Progress indicators

Slide Content

The slide presents a collection of flat icons designed for use in webinars, specifically for indicating evaluations and progress. The icons include variations of checkmarks, representing tasks or items that have been approved or completed, crosses for denials or errors, a thumbs up for approval, a thumbs down for disapproval, and a series of pie-chart-like icons indicating different levels of progress from empty to full. Each icon is meant to provide a quick visual communication of status, feedback, or progression during a webinar presentation.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a gradient of teal to lighter teal from top to bottom.
  • It contains two main text elements on the upper portion: a title on the left in large bold letters, and a header on the right labeled "Fully editable icons" in a contrasting dark background.
  • A collection of icons is arranged in three rows, centralized on the slide.
  • The first row shows four icons: a clipboard with a checkmark, a standalone checkmark, a standalone cross, and a thumbs up sign.
  • The second row shows five circular progress indicators, ranging from a filled circle to a circle that is nearly complete.
  • The third row contains bigger versions of one of each type of icon presented in the first two rows.
  • The largest icon is a clipboard with a checkmark in the bottom right corner, highlighted with a teal circle around it.
  • There's a small promotional message in a contrastingly colored footer at the bottom, suggesting additional icons can be found on their website.

The slide has a modern and minimalistic appearance with a focus on flat design for the icons. The use of contrasting colors such as teal, grey, and hints of orange and green help the icons stand out and grab attention.

Use Cases

  • Enhancing the visual appeal of a webinar presentation by using symbols to represent different status updates or feedback.
  • Leveraging icons in instructional design to clearly indicate lesson completion, quiz results, or progress within an educational software or online course.
  • Applying visual aids in project management reports to quickly convey the status of tasks or milestones.
  • Utilizing in user interface design for software and apps where quick visual cues for user actions and statuses are necessary.

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