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Euler Diagram Explaining Supranational European Bodies EU, Eurozone, EEA, Schengen, Customs Union Intersection Euler Usage Example
from deck Euler Diagrams of Set Relationship (PPT Template)

Euler Diagram Explaining Supranational European Bodies

Slide Content

The slide is a visual representation of the various supranational European cooperation groups: the EU, Eurozone, European Economic Area (EEA), and the Customs Union. It groups countries to indicate which belong to the EU, EEA, Eurozone, and which are part of the Customs Union. For instance, the Eurozone includes countries like Germany and France that use the Euro, while non-EU countries such as Norway and Iceland are part of the EEA.

Graphical Look

  • The slide's layout is divided into distinct color-coded regions representing different European agreements and bodies.
  • Each region contains a list of countries with the text written in white against solid background colors; blue for the European Union, light blue for Eurozone, brown for European Economic Area, and green for Customs Union.
  • The regions overlap to create intersecting areas, where shared membership of countries to different agreements is indicated.
  • Rounded rectangles serve as containers for the country names, enhancing readability.
  • The slide has a clean, modern design with a clear hierarchy of information, indicated by size and color contrasts.

The slide sports a harmonious color scheme with distinct, yet overlapping areas that create a visually engaging Euler diagram. There's a strong focus on clarity and hierarchy, ensuring that the viewer can distinguish the different relationships between the entities at a glance.

Use Cases

  • To educate audiences about the complex relationships between various European entities during an international relations or political science lecture.
  • In corporate settings, to explain the European market structures to employees, particularly in multinational companies.
  • For briefing investors or business partners on the geopolitical and economic landscapes of Europe during trade negotiations or market analysis discussions.
  • As part of a presentation on the impact of European regulations on business operations, detailing which countries are affected by different sets of rules.

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