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ESG Reporting Pillars Diagram Infographic

This slide comes in handy when explaining ideas standing behind the ESG concept. It can be used in the annual report stating the company's efforts to bring environmental, social, and governance sustainability. Thanks to illustration and presenting issues in the form of questions and answers, the overall message of the slide is bold and engaging. Learn more about the ESG framework on Wikipedia.

What Does This ESG Reporting Pillars Diagram Infographic Include?

  • Navy shapes representing an ancient temple titled ESG Reporting
  • Three colorful pillars representing parts of ESG - Environmental, Social, and Governance
  • Three light grey text containers for your questions and answers
  • Outline icons of hands holding a globe, people, and government building

This ESG Reporting Pillars Diagram Infographic is a part of our Corporate ESG Sustainability Report Presentation PPT Template.

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