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Entry and Exit Barriers Examples - GTM Strategy Slide
from deck Go To Market Strategy Template Plan (PPT format)

Slide content:

This slide presents the entry and exit barriers examples a company can encounter during expansion in foreign markets. As such examples, we gave high-key money for a prime location during entry and government restrictions as a barrier to exit. We added a text block, where you can describe all the barriers you encountered, e.g. it's difficult for new competitors because of existing monopoly, economies of scale, permissions, etc. Having this type of PowerPoint presentation shows that you outweighed the pros and cons a market has to offer, and therefore, you can draw a conclusion about whether you are ready to take the risk or not. Click on the slide to see the whole Go To Market Strategy deck for more ideas.

Slide infographic description:

White Background, Entry Icon, Barrier Icon, Exit Icon, Text Square Blocks, Straight Line Vectors, People Pushing a Barrier Picture

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