Employee Value Proposition - EVP PPT Template
from deck Employer Branding HR Process Diagrams (PPT Template)

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The Employee Value Proposition is included in employer branding because it is a way companies attract the best-talented employees. This PowerPoint slide consists of 5 employee value proposition examples. The first EVP is compensation which includes salary satisfaction, compensation satisfaction, raises and promotion fairness, and feedback and evaluation. The second EVP is the benefits employees get from working in your company which include holidays, paid leave, insurance, retirement, education, flexibility, and family. The third effective EVP is related to employees' careers which consists of personal development possibilities, training, career development, further education, stability, and evaluation. The fourth EVP is the work environment which consists of recognition, autonomy, work-life balance, challenges, and clear responsibilities and communication. The final strong EVP is the culture which includes understanding the company's values and plans, peers' and managers' relationships, support, overall team spirit, and social responsibility. You can use this strong employee value proposition list if you are an HR manager who is in the recruitment process and wants to hire skilled employees to create a strong workforce. Click on the slide to see the whole deck presentation.

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White Background, Employee Value Proposition, Colorful EVP List, Wallet Icon, Plus on Hand Icon, Benefits Icon, Climbing Stairs Icon, Career Icon, Thermometer Icon, Environment Icon, Culture Icon

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