Employee Training and Development PPT Template
from deck Employer Branding HR Process Diagrams (PPT Template)

Slide contents:

The Employee Training Template shows the employee learning and training program. This employee life cycle contains a pie chart that illustrates the best practices of an effective training program. The learning and development programs are made up of three main stages. The first stage is goal setting, which is where new objectives are developed. The second stage is goal management, which includes developing a plan to achieve the goal. The third stage is employee talent development which consists of a learning method that covers, mentoring, coaching, and new employee training and development program. There is a text box next to the pie chart which allows you to write the important points. You can use this employee training program if you are a human resource manager who wants to create a training method to train employees. You can download this template on Google Slides and Keynote.

Slide Infographic Description:

White Background, Text Box, Green Text Box, Pie Chart, Recruit Employee Icon, Target Icon, Goal Icon, Chess Piece Icon, Strategy Icon

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