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Editing outline icons in Powerpoint
from deck Food Product Sell Sheet Presentation One Pager (PPT Template)

Editing outline icons in PowerPoint

Slide Content

The slide is an instructional guide on how to modify outline icons in PowerPoint effectively. "You can change outline color of the icon easily" explains that the color of an icon's outline can be adjusted without complication, improving visibility and design coherence. "Or change width of the icon outline by changing shape weight" suggests that the thickness of the icon's outline can be customized by adjusting the shape weight, allowing for better control over the icon's visual impact. The contrasting "Do" and "Don't" sections provide clear advice: one should customize the icon's outline color and weight, but avoid using color fills or excessively thick outlines, as these can make the icon less legible.

Graphical Look

  • The slide title is in large, bold black font, clearly distinguishing it as the main subject.
  • Two sets of icons demonstrate the "Do" (proper) and "Don't" (improper) practices regarding icon editing.
  • The "Do" section contains three document icons with varied outline colors, aligned horizontally, illustrating the correct method of changing outline color.
  • Below the "Do" icons, different line weights are shown, representing the appropriate way to adjust icon outline thickness.
  • The "Don't" section displays two document icons, with one icon having a color fill and the other having a thick outline, both serving as examples of what to avoid.
  • Each section is labeled with a colored shape tag—blue for "Do" and red for "Don't"—providing a visual contrast and clear distinction between the recommended practices and common mistakes.
  • Semi-transparent grey arrows point to the sample icons from the description text, visually connecting the instructions to the examples.

The slide utilizes a clean and straightforward design with ample white space, ensuring easy readability and focus on the instructional content. The contrasting "Do" and "Don't" segments, with distinct colored tags and illustrative icons, effectively communicate the best practices for editing outline icons in PowerPoint. The overall aesthetic is professional and utilitarian, suitable for instructive purposes.

Use Cases

  • In a workshop or training session on graphic design or PowerPoint proficiency, guiding participants through best practices in icon customization.
  • During a company presentation to establish internal branding guidelines, illustrating how to edit icons to align with brand standards.
  • As part of an instructional webinar or online course material that teaches advanced PowerPoint techniques for creating visually appealing presentations.
  • In personal development settings where individuals improve their presentation skills, learning to fine-tune graphical elements for clarity and visual impact.

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