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Editing Data Tables Icons in PowerPoint
from deck Creative Tables Graphics (PPT template)

Editing Data Tables Icons in PowerPoint

Slide Content: The slide is about editing data tables icons in PowerPoint, highlighting the customization of flat filled and outline vector icons. For flat filled icons, it suggests adjusting color to match branding without adding an outline, and resizing with care to maintain clarity. Outline icons recommend tweaking outline color and thickness to fit branding and ensuring readability, cautioning against over-adjusting size which could lead to a loss of icon clarity.

Graphical Look:

  • The slide’s background is white, with a dominant teal header bar on the left.
  • Two prominent sections are designated with gray headers reading "Flat Filled Vector Icons" and "Outline Vector Icons."
  • Below each section title are two sets of icon pairings, both featuring 'Color' and 'Size' labels in lighter gray tabs.
  • On the left, colored flat filled icons are paired with text explaining best practices for editing.
  • On the right, outline vector icons are overlaid with red Xs to denote incorrect practices, paired with descriptive text.
  • Each subsection contains screenshots of PowerPoint’s interface, illustrating where the described changes can be made.
  • A blue call-to-action footer encourages visiting a website for more slides and icons.

The overall look of the slide is modern and clean, with a simple color scheme that highlights key information. The visual elements are well-organized, which aids in understanding the instructions for editing icons.

Use Cases:

  • Training sessions on how to customize PowerPoint presentations for brand consistency.
  • Workshops for graphic designers about best practices in iconography within presentations.
  • Instructional material for new employees learning company-specific presentation guidelines.
  • Marketing team meetings to ensure visual elements like icons are used effectively in company materials.

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