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Editable scribble icons
from deck Cycle Diagrams & Wheel Charts (PPT Graphics)

Editability of Scribble Icons

Slide Content

The slide outlines the advantages and versatility of scribble icons in presentations. The first item "Change colors by changing Filling color" explains how easy it is to customize the colors of the icons to match the presentation palette. "Simple to ungroup, move or delete elements" emphasizes the ease of manipulating the icons to fit different contexts or layouts. Finally, "Can be used also on dark backgrounds" suggests that the icons are flexible enough to work on various background colors without losing visibility.

Graphical Look

  • The slide is visually structured into three sections, each bearing a light gray chevron banner with a text explanation.
  • Each section visually demonstrates the described feature of the scribble icons through a before-and-after representation:
  • The first set of icons shows an icon color change.
  • The second set indicates the ease of moving or editing specific elements.
  • The third set shows the contrast of icons on a darker background.
  • The icons are in a hand-sketched style, with simple stick figures and icons like a chart, in bright colors that stand out against both light and dark backgrounds.
  • Arrows are used to lead the viewer's eye from the initial icon state to the modified state.
  • The background of the slide is white, with a deep teal color block at the bottom, introducing contrast and visual interest.

The overall look of the slide is clean and professional, utilizing color contrasts and visual examples effectively. The instructional design makes it easy for viewers to understand the customizable nature of scribble icons.

Use Cases

  • To demonstrate icon customization capabilities in a graphic design or presentation software tutorial.
  • During a marketing or branding meeting to show how icons can be modified to align with brand colors and themes.
  • In workshops teaching effective presentation design, illustrating how visual elements can be adapted to different backgrounds.
  • As a part of a sales pitch for a presentation design service or software, showing the adaptability of design elements to client needs.

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