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Example of the chart diagram with flat arrow and colorful description 
from deck Infographics Template - Pointed Rectangle Lists (flat PPT Diagrams)

All diagram charts – easy to adapt

Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide is titled "All diagram charts – easy to adapt" and is designed for displaying customizable diagram chart elements. It contains placeholders for headlines and text, suggesting where the presenter can add their own information. Each item emphasizes the adaptability of the chart elements: fully editable text and icons, color adaptation to your brand, resizing options, and the ability to ungroup for easy copying, duplicating, or removal of items.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a soft grey.
  • Four colored banners with cut-corners, each representing a placeholder for different section headlines, sit aligned on the left side.
  • Next to each banner is a rectangular text box for additional descriptive text.
  • The colors of the banners are distinct: blue, orange, green, and again blue.
  • On the right side, there are two large horizontal banners with cut-corners, colored in blue and green. Each contains white text explaining the editing capabilities of the slide elements.
  • Below the blue and green banners on the right, there is a stack of smaller, colorful, overlapping rectangles suggesting the concept of adaptability and layering.

The slide is clean and straightforward, using distinct colors and simple shapes to guide the viewer's attention to different sections of content. The use of colored banners and descriptive boxes provides a visual hierarchy for presenting information.

Use Cases

  • For a business presentation introducing a new marketing strategy, with each section detailing elements like target demographics, channels, and goals.
  • During project management meetings to explain various phases of the project lifecycle and the adaptability required at each stage.
  • For educational or training purposes to showcase the breakdown of a complex process into more manageable parts.
  • As part of a sales pitch to demonstrate the customizable nature of a product or service to potential clients.

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