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Economic Sustainability Diagram - TBL PPT Template
from deck Triple Bottom Line Sustainable Business Strategy (PPT Template)

Slide content:

This slide presents an economic sustainability diagram with several key elements, such as steady, smart growth - explain who or what your sustainable growth drivers are; efficiency - increased productivity via improvement of the workspace environment; circular economy - product designing to make it easier to repair/reuse; far-sighted - targeted investment in research and development. This slide is part of the Tripple Bottom Line Sustainable Business Strategy PPT Template. All the graphic elements are editable, so you can adjust everything based on your need. This presentation is also compatible with Google Slides and Keynote, so you can download it without any quality loss. Click on the slide to see the whole deck.

Slide infographic description:

Circle Diagram, Value Icon, Efficiency Icon, Growth Bar Chart Icon, Circular Icon, Eye Retina Icon, Flat Style Outline Icons, Bullet Points, Line Connecting Vector, White Background, Resizable Graphics

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