Netherlands Subregions Map - infoDiagram
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Netherlands Subregions Map Presentation Template

The regions of the Netherlands are divided into the North, South, West, and East Netherlands. Opposed to common practice in other countries, the Dutch regularly do not define the areas of their country according to position, but on the overall position of the province. Wikipedia

This PowerPoint template is a useful tool to visualize the Dutch regions for your presentations. The regions are easy to edit so you can resize them, recolor them, or highlight them with any additional graphical element of your choice.

What Does This Netherlands Subregions Map Slide Include?

  • Map of Netherlands.
  • Flag of Netherlands.
  • Purple flag.
  • Green flag.
  • Double circle icon.
  • Dark green ribbon diagram.
  • Star in a circle icon.
  • Text box for country details.
  • White background.

This Netherlands Subregions Map slide is a part of our Benelux Europe Maps with Administrative Territories Presentation Template.

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