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Usage example

Slide Content

The slide titled "Usage example" illustrates the concept of labeling and text emphasis in presentations. Three different styled text boxes contain placeholder text such as "Sample text Lorem ipsum," "Sample text write here," and "Sample text." The varying styles of these boxes demonstrate how different designs can be used to highlight or categorize information, making it more engaging and organized for audience comprehension.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a light blue, textured background that resembles a canvas.
  • There are three speech bubble-like shapes, each sketched in a hand-drawn style.
  • The top speech bubble is horizontal, with a double outline and contains the placeholder text "Sample text Lorem ipsum" in a handwritten font.
  • The bottom left bubble is more polygonal, featuring sharp angles, with an outline and smaller text "Sample text" above a larger text "write here."
  • The bottom right bubble has the shape of an arrow pointing left and houses the words "Sample text" in a larger font.
  • Each graphic element uses a sketch-like navy blue line, giving the slide a casual and creative aesthetic.

The overall look of the slide is casual and creative, designed to present text in an informal but distinctive manner. The hand-drawn elements provide a personal touch that contrasts with the typical formality of standard PowerPoint templates.

Use Cases

  • To display quotes or testimonials in a more visually engaging way than plain text.
  • For illustrating different ideas or concepts in a brainstorming session, with each text box representing a separate thought.
  • As visual labels for categorizing topics during a workshop or educational presentation.
  • When emphasizing key points in marketing materials or pitch decks to make them stand out and be memorable.

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