Do's and Don'ts Items List Diagram
from deck Road Signs Infographics (PPT Template)

Slide content:

This slide shows a do's and don'ts items list diagram with icons in a road sign form. We have added blue icons as status allowed, and red for a forbidden status. Under each representative icon, there's a short description. You can edit the graphs without losing the quality, and if you don't know how, we included detailed instructions. You can also download the presentation in other software, such as Google Slides and Keynote. Click on the picture to see the whole Road Signs Infographics PowerPoint Template for more ideas.

Slide infographic description:

Simple Flat Symbols, Calendar Icon, Checklist Icon, Bubble Speech, People Conflicting Icon, Smartphone Icon, Note, Pin Icon, Megaphone Siren Icon, Disguised Man Vector, Forbidden Turn Left Road Sign

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