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Do-it-yourself bar chart editable template
from deck Flat Data-Driven Presentation Charts (PPT template)

Bar Chart

Slide Content

The slide presents a bar chart illustrating the Extra EU-27 trade by main products in 2011, expressed in billions of euros (1 billion = 1000 million EUR). Each bar represents the value of imported or exported goods under different categories, including Machinery & transport equipment, Other manufactured goods, Chemicals & related products, Mineral fuels, lubricants, Raw materials, and Food, drinks & tobacco. Imports are indicated with a blue bar, while exports are represented with an orange bar, allowing for a direct comparison between the two figures for each product category.

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a horizontal bar chart with a clear title at the top.
  • There are six pairs of bars corresponding to different categories of trade goods.
  • Each pair of bars depicts imports in blue and exports in orange.
  • Icons representing each category are placed before the category names for easy visual identification.
  • Numeric scales run along the horizontal axis, aiding in quantifying the trade values.
  • A distinguishing arrow-like design appears in the top right corner, suggesting the slide is part of a larger presentation template.
  • The overall color scheme of the slide is a combination of blue, orange, and grey tones against a white background.

The slide has a professional and clean look with a cohesive color palette. The use of icons adds a visual element that enhances the readability of the categories represented.

Use Cases

  • Presenting international trade data during a business or economic conference.
  • Sharing import and export statistics with stakeholders in a corporate presentation.
  • Analyzing trade balance as part of a market analysis report.
  • Educational use in teaching economics or international business classes.

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