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Icons: Distribution, Retail

Slide Content

The slide presents a set of icons related to distribution and retail. It is divided into categories: "Distribution Centre (big & small)" depicts large and small warehouse buildings, indicating different scales of operations. "Wholesale" shows a medium-sized structure with the word 'Wholesale' to represent establishments that deal in bulk sales. "Retail, Shop (big & small), Consumption" includes icons for larger and smaller retail spaces, implying various storefront sizes, with an additional icon that appears to signify consumer activity.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a solid dark color.
  • At the top, there is a ribbon-like shape bearing the text "Fully Editable."
  • Four sets of icons are displayed in two rows, with their respective titles beneath them.
  • Each icon set consists of two variations of the represented concept: a larger and a smaller version.
  • Icons represent buildings and activities related to distribution and retail.
  • The icons are in shades of purple, with editable white outlines and shadows for depth.
  • Below the icons, a text line indicates they have "Editable filling, outline, shadow..."

The overall look of the slide is clean with a professional layout, using a limited color palette that gives the icons a uniform and easily interpretable appearance.

Use Cases

  • To visually represent different components of the supply chain in a business presentation.
  • For educational purposes, illustrating the various stages of product distribution to students.
  • In marketing materials to highlight the areas of operation for a company engaged in distribution and retail.
  • As a graphical aid in reports or digital content to break down different market sectors or operational areas.

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