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Diseases and disorders slide: common symptomsheadache, migraine
from deck Health Care, Medical Biology & Pharma Research Outline Icons (PPT icons)

Diseases & Disorders – Common Symptoms

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide is titled "Diseases & Disorders – Common Symptoms" and lists a variety of symptoms associated with illnesses. These symptoms include headache, migraine, head pain, coughing, sneezing, fever, high temperature, sweating, flu, infection, and contagious illness. Each symptom is likely an indicator of a common medical condition and serves as a cue for further medical diagnosis or treatment. For example, a headache or migraine could suggest a need for rest or medical intervention, coughing or sneezing are often signs of respiratory infection, while fever and high temperature usually indicate the body's response to fight off an infection.

Graphical Look

  • The slide's background is white in color.
  • There are four stylized icons in a row, each representing different symptoms: a head with starburst (headache), head with wind (coughing/sneezing), head with a thermometer (fever), and head with droplets (sweating).
  • Each icon uses a simple teal color line drawing on the white background, and there is a faded repetition of each icon right next to the original in a staggered arrangement.
  • The icons are symbolic and do not show detailed facial features, focusing on the specific symptom each represents.
  • On the right side of the slide, there are correspondingly colored icons in a vertical column presented as suitable for a dark background.

The slide is minimalistic and uses iconography to visually communicate health symptoms. The repetition of icons in faded colors adds depth to the design while serving to reinforce the visual message.

Use Cases

  • This slide could be used in a healthcare provider's presentation to educate patients about recognizing symptoms of common illnesses.
  • It could serve in a medical training session for students or professionals to discuss the presentation and diagnosis of diseases.
  • The slide might be included in public health campaigns informing the public about signs of contagious diseases during an outbreak.
  • It can be utilized in workplace health and safety seminars to help employees identify when they or their coworkers may be displaying signs of a contagious illness, thus emphasizing the importance of early intervention and containment.

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