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Discussion on a business review meeting
from deck Status Review Meeting Template (PPT graphics)


Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide is titled "Discussion," suggesting that it is aimed at fostering dialogue or presenting points for consideration in a meeting or presentation. Discussion often involves the exchange of ideas or opinions on a particular issue, with the goal of reaching a common understanding or decision-making. While the slide does not contain detailed text, it sets the stage for a conversation among participants.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a desaturated photograph displaying a tablet, some papers, and a cup of coffee on a desk.
  • The title "Discussion" is prominently displayed in white, sans-serif font in the lower right area of the slide.
  • A large green banner extends from bottom to top, visually cutting across the slide and giving the title a strong foundational element.
  • Two overlapping white speech bubble icons are placed left to the title, symbolizing communication or conversation.
  • The combination of the image and design elements creates a professional and thematic backdrop for the slide's topic.

The overall look of the slide is clean and modern, with a business-like aesthetic. The elements are arranged to guide the viewer's attention towards the title, which is effectively highlighted by the contrasting green banner.

Use Cases

  • To introduce a discussion section in a corporate training or workshop.
  • During meetings, to prompt participants to start a dialogue on specific topics.
  • In conference presentations, as a lead-in to Q&A or panel discussions.
  • For online webinars, indicating shifts to interactive audience participation segments.

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