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Icons: Direction & Distance Arrows (hand-drawn ink style)

Slide Content

The presentation slide titled "Icons: Direction & Distance Arrows (hand-drawn ink style)" displays a collection of arrow icons that are designed to appear as if they are hand-drawn with ink. These icons represent various directions and distances. The arrows come in different styles: solid, dashed, with single or double heads, and vary in shapes from straight to curved and from simple to complex. This depiction signifies flexibility and informality, suggesting a range of motion and paths in less formal or more creative contexts.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white, providing a clean and minimalistic look that contrasts with the black and colored arrows.
  • A header at the top of the slide is in a larger bold font, with a subheading in parentheses and a smaller font size.
  • To the upper left, there is a rectangular teal banner with the text "Fully Editable" suggesting that the icons can be modified.
  • Multiple arrow icons are spread across the slide, with various styles: some are solid black lines, others dashed, and a few are colored in teal, purple, orange, and green.
  • Arrows exhibit different directions and shapes, such as straight, curved, and angular, indicating different movement and progression concepts.
  • The slide is devoid of any additional text or embellishments, focusing entirely on the visual representations of the arrow icons.

The overall look of the slide is straightforward and emphasizes the hand-drawn style of the arrow icons. The variety in arrow designs conveys versatility and creative possibilities in depicting motion and directions.

Use Cases

  • In illustrating process flows or steps in a more creative business presentation, where a formal diagram is not required.
  • To demonstrate a journey or progression in a startup pitch, indicating milestones or phases with a personal touch.
  • For decorating slides to convey movement or direction in educational presentations in a more engaging and less formal manner.
  • As visual metaphors in marketing materials to symbolize growth, innovation, or the dynamic nature of a service or product.

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