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Digital Business Transformation Examples Slide
from deck Post Pandemic Business Recovery Plan (PPT Template)

Slide content:

The digital business transformation examples slide is presented with three pillars: new business model, security and privacy, and technology and systems. The new business model acquires investment in digital infrastructures, standardized data frameworks, processes, workflows, modularization, and digital culture and leadership. The second pillar - security and privacy, means the implementation of privacy and GDPR, and cyber security and cyber resilience. The third pillar or technology and systems, includes robotics and automatization, digitalized manufacturing and distribution, and data-driven decisions. The digital business transformation is great to present the transition of your business to digital, as it contains all the steps required. However, since all the graphics are editable, you can add or deduct text as you please, based on your planned strategy. Click the slide to see the whole deck on the topic Post-Pandemic Business Recovery Plan PPT.

Slide infographic description:

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