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Diagram List Ribbons for 3 items with icons
from deck Flat Infographic Templates Design Bundle (PPT diagrams and icons)

Diagram List Ribbons – 3 items, with icons

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Diagram List Ribbons – 3 items, with icons" presents a sequence of three ribbon-shaped banner graphics, each paired with a unique icon. These ribbons are designed for viewers to insert brief descriptors or bullet points. The first ribbon includes a globe icon, indicating a potential connection to global issues or topics. The second features a money symbol, often representing financial matters. Lastly, the third ribbon sports a building column icon, commonly linked to institutional or foundational subjects.

Graphical Look

  • Three horizontally stacked ribbon banners with text placeholders and associated icons to their right.
  • Each ribbon has a different icon: a globe for the first, a money symbol for the second, and a building column for the third.
  • The ribbons and icons are shades of blue, creating a cohesive color scheme.
  • The ribbons have a folded effect, giving them a three-dimensional appearance.
  • Each ribbon banner has a shadow effect behind it, adding depth to the slide.

The slide has a modern and professional feel, with a clean and structured design. The consistent use of blue tones and simplistic icons allows for easy interpretation of the content.

Use Cases

  • Summarizing key points of a business strategy or plan, using the icons to denote different focus areas.
  • Presenting quarterly financial updates, with each ribbon representing different financial metrics or categories.
  • Outlining the structure of an organization, with ribbons highlighting various departments or divisions.
  • Introducing a product or service, where each ribbon can detail unique features or benefits.

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