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Editable DevOps Toolchain Loop
from deck Devops Toolchain Loop Diagram Template (PPT graphics)

Editable DevOps Toolchain Loop Diagram

This illustrative diagram shows the relationship between DevOps methodology steps such as plan, create, verify, package, release, configure, and monitor. Discuss the looped workflow containing the development and IT operations with explanatory visuals and grab your audience's attention. Learn about DevOps on Wikipedia.

What Does This Editable DevOps Toolchain Loop Diagram Include?

  • Colorful infinity-shaped looped diagram consisting of 7 steps with titles
  • 7 colorful circles with icons illustrating steps
  • Main titles in the centers of the central diagram
  • Outline icons of a document, list, creation, checkmark, product, box, rocket, innovation, science, gears, process, increase, magnifying glass, results

This Editable DevOps Toolchain Loop Diagram is a part of our DevOps Toolchain Loop Diagram PPT Template.

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