Scribble DevOps colorful Loop
from deck Devops Toolchain Loop Diagram Template (PPT graphics)

Scribble DevOps Colorful Loop Infographic

Use this creative DevOps looped diagram to illustrate the steps of the agile software development and IT operations workflow. Add a human touch to your presentation with scribbled figures of a person with different attributes describing actions such as plan, create, verify, package, release, configure, and monitor. Learn about DevOps on Wikipedia.

What Does This Scribble DevOps Colorful Loop Infographic Include?

  • Colorful scribbled infinity-shaped looped diagram consisting of 7 steps with titles
  • Main titles in the centers of the central diagram
  • Scribbled illustrations of a man with a flipchart, holding a pen, holding a measuring cup, holding a box, holding a magnifying glass, holding a gear, holding a badge

This Scribble DevOps Colorful Loop Infographic is a part of our DevOps Toolchain Loop Diagram PPT Template.

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