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desktop pc comparison webpage software interface ppt
from deck Screen Displays for Website and App Presentation (PPT icons)

Compare your old and new webpage/ software interface

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide is designed to illustrate a comparison between an old and new webpage or software interface. The slide suggests using an overlay of both images, with the old interface positioned behind the new one, and incorporating a simple entrance animation to transition from the old interface to the new one when triggered by a mouse click. This can visually emphasize the improvements and changes made to the digital asset, and it's a useful way for audiences to appreciate the evolution of a website or software's user interface.

Graphical Look

  • A large, wide header in bold blue font spans the top of the slide, clearly stating the slide's purpose as a comparison tool.
  • Two subsections labeled "before" and "after" utilize contrasting colors, blue for "before" and orange for "after", to differentiate the past and current states of the software or webpage interface.
  • An illustration of a computer monitor centrally positions on the slide, displaying side-by-side images of the old and new interfaces.
  • A gray arrow points from the "before" to the "after" section, symbolizing the transition or upgrade process.
  • There is a small tip box positioned in the lower part of the slide, providing instructions on how to use the slide effectively.
  • The tip box background is yellow, making it stand out from the other elements and drawing attention to its content.

The overall look of the slide is modern and visually engaging, with clear demarcation between the before and after states through the use of contrasting colors and textual labels. The central computer monitor graphic effectively draws the viewer's eyes to the comparison being demonstrated.

Use Cases

  • To present website redesigns in a corporate meeting, visually highlighting the differences between the old and updated versions.
  • For software development updates, to showcase the latest user interface improvements to stakeholders or clients.
  • During marketing presentations, to demonstrate the evolution of a brand's digital presence and the enhancements made for better user experience.
  • In training sessions, to familiarize team members with new software features by comparing them with the previous interface.

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