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Demography Age Groups & Family Members Icons
from deck People Activities and Body Poses Stick Figures (outline PPT icons)

Demography Age Groups & Family Members Icons

Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide titled "Demography Age Groups & Family Members Icons" encapsulates a collection of stylized stick figure icons representing different family roles and age groups such as mother, pregnant lady, father, parent with baby, a couple, children, elderly figures, and a person in a wheelchair. Each icon is accompanied by a label describing the represented demographic group. The icons are intended to be fully editable, thus allowing customization to fit the presentation's needs.

Graphical Look

  • A cool-toned color palette with icons in shades of blue and additional icons on the right highlighted in yellow and green gradient against a gray background.
  • The slide is divided into a larger left section with labeled blue icons and a smaller right section advertising the icons' editability against a dark background.
  • The icons are simple, modern representations of various family demographics, using clean lines and minimal detail for universal understandability.
  • The main content area houses nine icons, each with a descriptive caption underneath, while the right side contains three vertically arranged icons without text.
  • There is a prominent dark blue header band at the top of the slide that contains the slide title in white font, enhancing readability.
  • A smaller section on the bottom right highlights the adaptability of these icons for different backgrounds, with text stating "Suitable also for dark background".

The overall impression of the slide is professional and clear, with a focus on visual representation of demographic data through universally recognizable icons. The icons' design and arrangement on the slide make the information easily accessible and understandable.

Use Cases

  • Incorporating visual demographic data into business or marketing presentations to illustrate customer or target audience profiles.
  • Utilizing in educational materials to teach about family structures or population demographics.
  • Leveraging in social science research presentations to visually display different population segments.
  • Enhancing nonprofit and government presentations that discuss community planning or social services addressing various age groups and family types.

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