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Creative Table in Powerpoint with Harvey Balls for showing Progress
from deck Flat Infographic Templates Design Bundle (PPT diagrams and icons)

Project Status Table with Harvey Balls

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Project Status Table with Harvey Balls" presents a comparison of multiple projects based on defined criteria using Harvey Balls as visual indicators. Harvey Balls are circular icons that fill to various extents to represent a spectrum of completion or satisfaction levels for each criterion. The table aligns five criteria as column headers, across which projects A through E are assessed. Each project has Harvey Balls of varying fill levels under each criterion, illustrating the progress or performance relative to each metric.

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a title at the top in bold font.
  • Beneath the title is a table consisting of six rows and six columns.
  • The first row lists the five criteria in individual cells with distinctive colored backgrounds - blue, green, orange, purple, and light blue.
  • From the second to the sixth row, project names (Project A to Project E) are listed in the first column, with subsequent columns displaying Harvey Balls.
  • The Harvey Balls vary in fill level from full, half, quarter, to empty, representing different project statuses.
  • The rows have alternating shades of white and light grey for readability.
  • Borders separate each cell in the table, creating a grid-like appearance.

The slide has a clean and professional look, with colored criteria headers providing visual distinction. The use of Harvey Balls offers a quick, intuitive way to interpret project status across different metrics.

Use Cases

  • Presenting project progress to stakeholders in managerial or team meetings.
  • Comparing the performance of multiple projects in a portfolio in executive briefings.
  • Visualizing project assessment results in a clear, concise manner during internal reviews.
  • Providing a high-level project update in status reports or dashboard presentations.

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